Heidi Belleau

Author of Queer Romance & Erotica

What people say about Straight Shooter?

strong writing and [a] unique approach to unconventional erotic content

What people say about Apple Polisher?

animated and lively . . . as if her pen glides by itself across the pages

What people say about Wallflower?

[a] thoughtful exploration of complex gender identity

What people say about Mark of the Gladiator?

enticing historical romance . . . The mystery is interesting up to the end, with a twist that satisfies, and a startling climax

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

such a good romance

What people say about The Burnt Toast B&B?

An excellent representation of under-represented identities is wrapped up in an adorable package with a side order of sexy lumberjacks. Highly recommended for library romance collections.

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Imposter Syndrome, Bisexuality, Writing Romance, and Me
In commentary, personal  |  9 August

(The following post was originally written in 2015 for Queer Romance Month. That website is now down so I’m reposting it here.) Many of you have probably heard about imposter syndrome: the idea that, whatever your trade, however successful or …

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In appearances, books, excerpts, wip wednesday, writing  |  13 June

Last night at Audrey’s Books, for the 4th annual Read and Write with Pride event we hold here in Edmonton, I had the distinct pleasure of publicly reading my F/F romance for the first time. It was a packed house, …

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Appearances 2016
In appearances, news  |  21 May

Look ma, I’m updating my blog! I don’t have any new publishing news for you (yet), but I do have some announcements about appearances! Item One: I recently stopped by The Hopeless Romantic Podcast to talk about my career shift away …

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