Love & Legends Script Excerpt

Our Heroine, having been magically transported from modern Chicago to a fantasy world at war, chooses as her protector the handsome yet spoiled elf prince Iseul Idreis, who wants no part in the responsibilities associated with his title and would rather spend his days napping in the sunlight than lending his bow to epic battles between good and evil. In this scene, the pair’s playful, adversarial flirtation comes to a head with their first kiss… although how it all plays out comes down to the player.

From Love and Legends, Iseul Idreis Season 1 Episode 8, published by Voltage USA Inc. 2017
[Heroine] "So when you say I'm 'beautiful'... do you mean it like how you'd talk about... a sunset, for example?"

[Iseul] "Yes, but I also think you beautiful as a woman, [USER_FIRST_NAME]. One I desire... very much."

His knuckles brush across my jaw. His gaze burns me with its heat. He leans in...

[Selection Start]
A. Go for it! [PAID SELECTION]
B. Let it happen.
C. Pull away.

[Selection A]

Overwhelmed by desire, I lunge forward to meet him. When we kiss, our lips don't meet, they crash together like waves on the shore.

Iseul hums in pleased surprise at my reaction.

(If he thinks THAT's nice, just wait until he sees what else I have in store for him!)

I loop my arms around his nape, letting my body press against his own as I deepen the kiss.

(I can feel how hard he's breathing...)

His hands tentatively brush my waist, then come to rest there. He opens his mouth to me, and that's all the invitation I need to give him a taste.

The feeling of his tongue against mine is intoxicating. I press firmer against him, catching his lower lip between my teeth as he pants against my mouth.

[Iseul] "...[USER_FIRST_NAME]."

[Heroine] "Hmm?"

[Iseul] "It seems I underestimated you."

[Heroine] "That's okay. I forgive you."

[Iseul] "Oh, good."

With a purely satisfied grin, he sprawls backward into the bed.

Intertwined as we are, he doesn't presume to pull me down... but I still fall with him regardless.

It's the same position we found ourselves in on the floor earlier, but this time I'm not flailing and scrabbling for purchase, I'm letting my hands slowly explore his body.

He's lean and trim--shaped by an active life spent outdoors--the hardness of his body contrasting with the desk job softness of my own.

[Iseul] "I presume my build is acceptable to you, my lady?"

I blush.

[Heroine] "Wh-what? Why would you say that?"

[Iseul] "You touch my flank like someone considering the speed or strength of a horse."

[Iseul] "I am built for speed, just for the record... but my strength is nothing to be sneezed at, either."

Just like that, my awkward feelings melt away. I smirk at him, walking my fingers down his chest teasingly.

[Heroine] "Hope you're not built for TOO much speed..."

[Iseul] "Just because the greyhound can dash over a given distance like a lightning strike does not mean he is incapable of maintaining a slower pace when the situation commands it."

[Heroine] "Oh? And does the situation command it now...?"

[Iseul] "I am unsure whether the situation commands it, but the lady certainly does!"

[Heroine] "Damn right!"

He laughs and rolls us over, pinning me underneath him.

My heart thumps wildly in my chest.

[Iseul] "My lady, you may have my solemn pledge... I swear to take my time on you."

[Iseul] "In fact, to do anything less would be a tragic waste."

[Heroine] "Finally, a man who recognizes my value."

It's meant as a joke, but Iseul's eyebrows knit together in concern.

[Iseul] "My lady, your value goes so much farther beyond the bed."

[Heroine] "I-I know that!"

(Although it's nice to hear a guy I'm making out with say it aloud!)

[Iseul] "Forgive me, I do not mean to cause offense. But I think you--and indeed all of us--have yet to realize or fully understand just how important you are."

[Selection B]

...and I close my eyes, lips parting in anticipation of what's to come.

His lips are soft and dry, his kiss passionate in a tender, restrained way I've never experienced before.

It's also over too soon.

I know I'm probably grinning like an idiot, but I don't care.

[Heroine] "That was..."

[Iseul] "I must warn you, my lady, to choose your next words carefully. I have been known to let a lover's praise stoke the fires of my ego until it is a raging inferno."

[Heroine] "...Adequate."

He smirks, pleased.

[Iseul] "Why thank you, you were quite adequate as well."

Laughing, giddy, we fall back into the bed together, where I snuggle up against his chest.

Even after all the stress of today--and my worries about facing Reiner and August tomorrow--with Iseul's arms around me I'm asleep before I know it.

[Selection C]

...and I turn my face away at the last minute, narrowly dodging his kiss.

He withdraws immediately. He doesn't look annoyed or put off, though.

[Iseul] "I apologize. That was too forward."

[Heroine] "A little, maybe, but it's okay."

[Iseul] "I should have asked instead of assuming."

[Heroine] "It's fine, really. But I appreciate you saying so."

(How can a guy living in some medieval fantasyland understand this stuff better than half the modern guys I know?)

I take him by the hand, tentatively lacing our fingers together.

[Heroine] "It's not that a part of me doesn't want to kiss you, but after what just happened with August, I think it's wise we keep a cautious distance, you know?"

[Iseul] "You are young, but wise."

[Heroine] "I know."

I smile brightly at him, and he smiles back.

[Heroine] "But you know... just because I think it's too soon to be kissing doesn't mean a bit of cuddling is out of the question!"

[Iseul] "I am such a lean build I fear I would not make the best cuddling partner..."

[Iseul] "But for my lady's pleasure, I will make an earnest attempt."

He opens his arms in invitation and I wrap myself up in him, letting him pull us both back into the bed.

Falling asleep in his arms is just the balm I needed after this long, hard day.