Call Me Callie Movie Poster

James Ringer Poster: “Call Me Callie”

Call Me, Callie (1952)

Dahlia Delair sizzles and seduces as femme fatale and con artist Calendula, the fallen daughter of a good Southern family. Having recently arrived in New York, “Callie” lies, flirts, and steals her way into a gorgeous apartment and a monthly stipend from a rich older man. She’s living the life of any pretty young layabout’s dreams when she falls for the handsome son of the building’s maintenance man—working-class Johnny (Ringer).

Johnny quickly falls under Callie’s spell, but he won’t be any woman’s plaything. He wants an honest marriage and, more importantly, an honest bride. As Callie falls for Johnny’s uncomplicated charms, she must choose: will she live her life in the lap of luxury, a spoiled kept woman with more diamonds and gowns than days to wear them? Will she allow herself to stay lovelessly involved with a married man? Or will she give up every comfort to be the handsome, demanding boy who stole her heart?