Falls Lake Movie Poster

James Ringer Poster: “Falls Lake”

Falls Lake (1951)

The startling true story of today’s lost boys! James Ringer stars as troubled teen Mickey, the son of wholesome, hardworking parents, who runs away from his good suburban home to join a colony of runaway boys living in an old mill outside the ghost town Falls Lake. The boys come from every side of the tracks, united by what they want: freedom from their parents’ rules.

Falls Lake is a land of no homework, no curfews, no summer jobs . . . and no love or guidance.

What they need is a mother, but nobody could have imagined they’d find one in the pretty pastor’s daughter, or that they’d steal her from her home, or that she and Mickey would soon become the guardians of the ragtag group while falling for each other. But when there are no laws to keep this bunch of boys in line, hopeless anarchy may be the only thing on the horizon . . .