Sin With Me Script Excerpt

Our Heroine, a jaded Las Vegas local just trying to mind her own business, falls in with a strange, supernatural circus troupe, each of them with magical powers tied to one of the seven deadly sins. Malakai, the troupe’s strongman–imbued with the power of Gluttony–tries to suppress his ravenous desire for the heroine out of duty to sacred family traditions. But after life and death battles with feral demonic forces and heartbreaking family secrets come to light, it seems he’s finally ready to risk it all for a taste of her.

From Sin with Me, Malakai Season 3 Episode 4, Published by Voltage USA Inc. 2020
[Malakai]"[USER_FIRST_NAME] [USER_LAST_NAME], if you'll still have me..."

[Malakai]"I want to be with you."

This is it. The moment I thought would never come, the moment all the walls between us have crumbled and we are both laid bare.

That's metaphorically and literally.

I drink in the vision of Malakai's near naked body: the smooth ridges of his muscular chest and abs, the shadowed cut of his adonis belt leading my gaze lower...

It's so distracting I barely have time to feel self conscious about my own state of undress. 

Although why would I, when Malakai so clearly relishes the view?

I can see the spark in his eyes as they rove up and down my body, the way his gaze lingers appreciatively on my curves.

[Heroine]"You have me."

We come together with all the pent up force of a volcano.

After our brush with death, it all seems so simple, so clear.

I want him. All of him. Now.

[Selection Start]

A. Take charge.
B. Invite him in.
C. Wait for him.

[Selection A]

As we kiss, I move us both backward toward the bed.

Malakai, caught up in me, doesn't even seem to notice the direction we're moving in until the backs of his knees collide with the mattress.


He looks surprised but not disappointed by my forwardness, so I take the leap.

[Heroine]"I want you. In this bed. Now."


[Selection B]


I edge back toward the bed, taking a seat on the edge of the mattress and patting it in shy invitation.

He grins down at me, moving in closer.

[Selection C]

I want him so badly, but what I want even more is to know he wants me too.

So I patiently, meaningfully, kiss him, caress him, let him know with my body that I'm ready whenever he is.

And when he leads us both closer to the bed, I know I'm about to get everything I want and more.

[End Selection]

Malakai gently lays me back among the plush covers, lowering himself over me with careful but determined intent.

But as he's leaning in for another kiss, he suddenly draws back, eyebrows knitted together in concern.

[Malakai]"You're sure this is what you want?"

[Heroine]"Never been more sure of anything in my life."

Surprising me once more, Malakai huffs out a laugh.

[Malakai]"That's a relief."

[Malakai]"Because that's exactly how I'm feeling right now and I was worried I was getting a little too...intense for you."

[Heroine]"I just walked out of hell. I think I can handle you."


[Malakai]"Because I'm done holding back."

[Malakai]"I'm done denying how I feel, what I know to be true."

[Malakai]"That all that matters is now, being with you..."

[Malakai]"...[ITALICS]having[ITALICS] you..."

We both shudder with desire.

[Malakai]"Knowing that whatever happens, whatever fate has in store...you and I are meant for one another."

I reach up to cup his cheek, the heat of his desire nearly burning my palm.

His braid falls over his shoulder, tickling my bare skin as he dips lower.

With our bodies pressed together as they are, it seems almost impossible for us to get any closer, but I still manage it.

I guide his lips down to mine, kissing him as I wrap my legs around his body, tugging him tight to me.

He groans as I whisper against his lips.



Our solemn, unbroken promise to one another taking on new meaning as we move against one another, claim each other, reach heights of pleasure I've never experienced with anyone else.

And as he takes me for his own, Malakai's tattoos glow.