Gangsters in Love Script Excerpt

In GANGSTERS IN LOVE, the player heroine is a seemingly ordinary girl who falls into the dastardly laps of the Valentine Gang, who are as much a found family as they are a criminal organization. Yoshimitsu Valentine, adopted brother of the gang’s boss, is a tattooed hothead with ties to the infamous Japanese Yakuza. Even though he’s moved away from Japan and cut contact with his Yakuza family, old criminal grudges have followed him across the Pacific and threaten everything he holds dear. In this excerpt, an old foe arrives to settle a ten year old score, challenging Yoshimitsu to a katana duel in front of his gang, the heroine (now his wife)… and even their child!

From Gangsters in Love Season 4 Episode 11, Published by Voltage USA Inc. 2017
[Sho] "Very well then, enough talk! I am anxious to finish what we started ten years ago, as well."

[Heroine] "What, you're that eager to die?"

Sho turns on me in disgust.

[Sho] "After I have your husband's head, I'll have your tongue, you disrespectful wretch!"

[Yoshimitsu] "You are gonna regret that one, asshole. It's on!"

No more hesitation. No more posturing.

Yoshimitsu draws his blade and closes the distance between himself and Sho in one fluid movement.

Sho barely has time to react, only narrowly managing to block Yoshimitsu's opening strike before it slices him open.

He and Yoshimitsu may have been equals, once, but now ten years later Sho is instantly on the defensive, his every movement belying his age and years of inaction.

Yoshimitsu, though? He's still in his prime.

And with his wife and child standing behind him, he has something to actually fight for.

Something to WIN for. 

Something much more meaningful than Sho's vain decade-long quest for revenge.

[Tadatora] "Go Dad! Take that old loser out!"

Yoshimitsu grins in triumph as his blade slams against Sho's wobbly one.

[Sho] "Well, you fools?! What are you standing around for?! Attack!"

Sho's goons look between each other hesitantly as the Valentine gang all raise their weapons.

[Heroine] "Looks like you STILL can't buy loyalty, Sho."

[Heroine] "Now that these opportunistic scumbags see how weak you are, they're suddenly not so keen to stick their necks out for you!"

[Chance] "Heh. I bet if I asked for those overdue protection fees now they'd make it rain."

[Aurora] "You wouldn't even need a pole!"

[Tadatora] "What do poles have to do with rain?"

[Yoshimitsu] "Okay, okay, okay, gang, let's keep this fight to the death FAMILY FRIENDLY please!"

He's joking around. Barely breaking a sweat.

Toying with Sho.

Sho stumbles backward, his stance weak and unbalanced.

(He should ask Tada for a few pointers!)

One more confident strike from Yoshimitsu and...

He falls to his knees.

[Yoshimitsu] "I should execute you where you stand, you pathetic old has-been..."

[Heroine] "But our son probably doesn't need to see that."